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Do you want to improve your home office? Here’s a plywood desk you can show off.

Instalación revestimiento ranurado

Aprende a instalar un revestimiento de plywood ranurado para darle un toque único a tu proyecto.

Turntable Stand

A simple project for all music lovers... plug in here!

Think In Wood

At CMPC Wood, we want to inspire our customers and show them all the benefits of building with wood. Through our Think In Wood blog, we want to keep you up to date on everything trending related to building with wood.



The case of wood

Construction of buildings can be greener and wood offers a set of advantages and benefits that were ignored for years. For example, the production of timber beams and pillars requires a fraction of the energy (15%) than that of their steel equivalents.

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Wood skyscrapers: taking the forest to the city

The construction of tall buildings from wood is probably as old as humanity. 1,400 years ago, the Japanese built multi-storey pagodas that are still standing today, defying weather conditions and earthquakes.

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The world’s second tallest wooden building

Until February of this year, the tallest wooden building in the world was the Brocks Commons Tallwood House, a student dormitory at the University of British Columbia designed by Acton Ostry Architects.

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The new world’s
tallest wooden building

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Sustainable Awareness

Among CMPC’s central values are sustainable development and caring for the environment and natural resources to preserve them for future generations.