Selex Plywood TMT


Selex® Radiata Pine Plywood panels, heat-treated, of superior quality and appearance, with thermal modification produced in a controlled oxygen environment between 160 °C and 230 °C, generating properties and advantages such as:

  • Improvement in durability and resistance to decay
  • Reduction of thermal conductivity
  • Resin removal
  • Improvement in surface hardness
  • Reduction of equilibrium moisture content
  • Color consistency throughout and inside the piece
  • Improvement in dimensional stability
  • Environmentally friendly, as it does not require chemical layer adhesion

This allows its use in indoor and outdoor applications, exposed to high humidity or various weather conditions

Main Applications



Decorative projects

Availability of different shades of wood color, in accordance with customer requirements. Treatment available on sanded, rough sawn, and value added panels.

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General Specifications

Dimensions (mm) 1220 x 2440
Thickness (mm) 9 12 15
Thickness (Inches) 11/32 15/32 19/32
Density 480 - 550 kg / m³
Sanding grain 150 grit on front and 120 grit on back
Adhesive Phenol-formaldehyde that complies with E1 emission standard
Moisture content 8% to 12%
Forest certification FSC® and PEFC certified products

Storage Instructions

Selex® Plywood panels should be stored horizontally, on a flat surface, and in a dry and covered place, on three wooden slats.

Selex® Radiata Pine Plywood panel follow the highest standards of responsible forest management, thus ensuring that all raw material used comes from FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources.